Guide to Choose Anniversary Flowers to Celebrate Years of Togetherness

Anniversary Flowers

The tradition of presenting flowers to express love has been a popular custom since the Victorian age to build strong and harmonious relationship with passing time. Today this persistent practice of sending romantic messages has become very popular. Each flower species has its own symbolism and paves the way for expressing different emotions. Read on to see what messages do the following anniversary flowers by year communicate to your spouse on the auspicious event?

1st Anniversary: Carnations

Carnations, the traditional flowers for the paper anniversary are the symbolism of youthful love and passion to evoke strong lasting relationship.

2nd Anniversary: Lily of the Valley

These beautiful small flowers with bewildering fragrance powerfully attract the attention from a distance. They are the representative of purity of the love relationship, devotion and modesty.

3rd Anniversary: Fuchsia

Fuchsia is extremely popular traditional romantic flower in the Victorian era widely considered one of the top wedding flowers. On the third anniversary, bestow the sweet memories of your marriage with these purple cute floral assortments.

4th Anniversary: Geranium

Geranium perfectly represents the comfort and unexpected amazement in married life after four years of togetherness. Consider Geranium when you send Anniversary Flowers adding charisma to the mixed bouquet in light pink colors with vibrant colors developing from stamens symbolize the budding love, trustworthiness, and congenial surprises yet to be unfolded.

5th Anniversary: Gerbera Daisy

After five years of married life, the couple has gathered enough experiences perfectly represented by the center of the Gerberas that hold the sleek petals in a rigid binding.

6th Anniversary: Calla Lilies

Calla lilies symbolize the attainment of elegance, attractiveness and sophistication to which the couple has grown over the period of six years after the wedding.

7th Anniversary: Chrysanthemums

Representing royalty, the Chrysanthemums give an incredible look to a nicely organized flower arrangement possibly in a vase.

8th Anniversary: White and Purple Lilacs

Lilacs both bring back the golden memories of the years of sharing common passion, emotion and love. The mix of white, lavender and purple lilacs represent the combination of calm, happiness shared responsibilities and challenges in life.

9th Anniversary: Bird of Paradise

The bird of paradise is the perfect wedding anniversary flower for the couples before completing a decade of married life when they are on the verge of exploring fresh adventures on the journey ahead.

10th Anniversary: Daffodils

The golden yellow daffodils rouse the remembrance of all the pleasures and joys they have shared throughout the years in the relationship.

15th Anniversary: Roses

Rose is the king of all romantic flowers appropriately chosen as the traditional flower for the 15th anniversary to rekindle the love and passion that may seem to fade away over the years of exhaustive commitments in different spheres of life.

20th Anniversary: Orchids

The orchids are graceful and elegant flowers symbolizing the purity of affection, beauty, charm and understanding that the couple attains over the period of two decades of married life.

25th Anniversary: Iris

These small flower bunches bind several aspects of successful married life- faithfulness, commitments and understanding binding the two souls in the everlasting marital relation.

50th Anniversary: Violets with Yellow Roses

Violets and yellow roses are the traditional flowers to give to your spouse on the grand 50th wedding anniversary. As per the belief, this occasion is celebrated with both these flowers in the vibrant color combinations- yellow and violet complimenting each other when paired together in a wonderful basket arrangement.

Flowers are the best gift you can give your partner conveying romance and heartfelt emotions. Shopping for flowers and gift items online is always a great idea compared to conventional retail store purchases. Even if you do not find the exotic species as stated in the list, you can always find beautifully assorted fresh blossoms with the online florists to amuse your life partner.


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